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About s0fa

Don’t you hate spending $100s or $1000s on marketing classes that only give you outdated advice?

…or devoting 3 hours to learn a growth hack that claims miracle results which never come to fruition because they left out the most vital step?

How do you feel about people telling you they want you to provide the work before they pay you, because of a bad experience they had in the past?

…and then THEY DON’T PAY YOU!

We hate it too!!!


Alex & I (Adi) created this platform to address these incredibly annoying, all too common issues that plague the professional world of Digital Marketers.


Want the whole story? Here it is>> After being asked for the 18th time (on Quora) how to address problems like the ones mentioned above, I contacted Alex to see if there was something we could do to help our current (and aspiring) digital marketing brethren.  Together we came up with the concept.  We wanted to create a space where we could teach honest and hard working individuals how to achieve real results using real growth hacking & digital marketing tactics.


But this space wouldn’t address all of the big problems.  Such as quality control when we recommend digital marketing professionals to prospective clients on our waiting lists.  So we developed the alumni directory which people could only join if they proved their mad skills through two exams and a final project.


Thus, I’m pleased to present to you the latest creation brought to you by DMA & TMDP.  S0fa.com

Alex de Carvalho

Founder of Digital Media Assembly

Alex is the founder of Digital Media Assembly and co-founder of s0fa.com

Adi tmdPineapple

Founder of The Million Dollar Pineapple

Grew a company from $0 to $100M in annual sales w/i 3 years. New goal : get a company to $1B by 2022. Will it be yours?

Jax Ford

Black Hat Growth Hacker

Skilled in the dark arts.

Instructors on this platform have worked with










01. Learn

Courses are offered on and off-line around the year, around the globe.

02. Experience

When you take a course, you'll have the option to submit a graded final project. Something you complete for a REAL company, so you can add it to your resume 😉

03. Develop

Depending on how your final project goes, you'll either be invited to complete another project or schedule your written and oral exams.

04. Create

Once you have proven your mad skills through the exams, we will add you to a directory of professionals. This directory is shared with connections eager for you to create magical digital marketing miracles for them.